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Public Release of Altis Life Control 2

Finaly we are at a point to share with you the Altis Life Control 2.

Please help by finding any kind of Bugs or Erros. If you like to support the work, feel free to donate or buy me an coffee.


How to install Altis Life Control 2

  • Run start.sql in your Altis Life Database
  • Upload all Files to your Webserver
  • Edit the config.php

Login with User: admin PSWD: test-1234

Caution Delete debug.sqf if not needed Remove Admin User, if you created an new Admin.


If you have questions about the permissions or above, contact me. pic(a)


If you like the work, feel free to support the work. How to Support:

Release of Altis Life Controls

In the past, there was no progress on the development of the new panel. This has several reasons:

  • Whole Life Community Stealing Process
    All the steeling of the work and the unrespect against Developers or Creators. Result: Ruin Motivation
    Special Thanks to: Huskies xD, cammygames and many many more
  • Family and other Projects.

I will release the whole stuff, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) ( ).

I know that many will ignore it, but maybe the Community can make it to an better Panel.

What need to be done:

  • German Translation, Completed English Translation
  • Gang List
  • Small Stuff like the Dashboard

I will upload the stuff in the next days to Github. Stay tuned


SITREP on Altis Life Control

Once there was a Time when I was done with Altis Life Control (ALC), I only want to commit the Changes to the Git Repro and what then happend was realy, realy frustrating. Git deleted anything of my Changes and I got no Backup of it. I tryed to recover everything, but this doesnt work completly. Motivation was destroyed. I thougt fuck all of this and I wasted my time with other things, spent Time with the family, got Leader of the greatest Arma 3 Tactical Clan in Germany ( ) and started working on other Projects. But I always got in my head the feeling that i havent finished something.

A few Days ago, i opend the old files again and restart to write all the changes again. With every line of new/old code i felt better. So I like to show you the first new Screenshots of ALC 2.0 since April 2015.

The first Image is the detailed and functional Player Overview:

ALC Player Edit

You can do the most stuff with on klick. Have a detailed View of the Invenory and all the Stats i can gather about one Player.

The last Image i want to show you today ist the Edit Page of the Vehicles

ALC Edit Vehicle

There is not so much to change like at the Player, but some stuff.

To everyone who copy the Code and Design from: Thanks and fuck you. I dont care about you anymore. Its my Project, and if you like the Design, i was there first.

I also like send thanks to Johny305, who always supported me, and to anyone who send me copys of the Databases, so that i have something to work with.

The last steps i’ve to to bevor a release is possible will i list here:

  • Check if there is something new to Vanilla Altis Life
  • Wanted Page
  • Complete the whole english Support
  • Cleanup some code

ALC 2.0 – Development News #1


Hey there,

the first Development News here on my new Site. Let me say first, i’m really happy to have an home for all the stuff I do. Thanks to Master Kennux, for his support all the time 🙂

Your first question would be: When do you release ALC? As i always say: „When its done“. I don’t want to get stressed or something. I develop it, because i want to have fun.

If you remember the old panel, it was very complicated to change the playerdata, like the Licenses. Today I can show you, that you can manage all the licenses by one simple click. I think that’s the easiest way for everybody and makes it very comfortable. I try to manage all other possible field’s on the same way. But I think we will need input fields 😉

To get Updates in the future about the Development Process, simply follow this Page, or the Facebook Page. I’m on an good way.


dies ist nun die erste News über die Entwicklung von Altis Life Control hier auf meiner neuen Seite. Ich bin sehr froh, endlich ein zu Hause für meinen ganzen Kram gefunden zu haben. Danke an Meister Kennux für seine Unterstützung die ganze Zeit.

Die erste Frage wird wahrscheinlich sein: Wann veröffentlichst du endlich ALC? Wie ich es zu allen sagen: „Wenn es fertig ist“. Ich mach mir deswegen keinen Stress, ich möchte einfach Spaß bei der Arbeit haben.

Wenn man sich an das alte Altis Life Control erinnert, dann war es dort relativ kompliziert, Daten der Spieler zu ändern. Im neuen Panel soll es viel einfacher werden. Begonnen habe ich bei den Lizenzen, welche nun durch einen einfachen Mausklick geändert werden können. So einfach soll sich möglichst alles ändern lassen, jedoch ist es nicht einfach komplett auf Eingabefelder zu verzichten.

Um in der Zukunft weiterhin Neuigkeiten bzgl des Update Prozesses zu beleiben, einfach die Seite im Auge behalten, und auf die Facebook Seite schauen.