Altis Life Control 2.0


With Altis Life Control you can manage all the Stuff from your Players in a fancy Webinterface. Your Players can also take a look at their Inventory, Vehicles and so on.


  • Players can look at their Inventory, Vehicles, Licences, Houses
  • Admin Interface
  • Manage Accounts to get access to the Admin Interface
  • List with all players, possibility to sort and filter players
  • Detail Page of each Player with a List of Gear, Licences, Vehicles, Houses and direct Link to each
  • Start Page with Lists of Top Cash, Top Money at the Bank Account and the 10 newest Players
  • Addon Support


New Version incomming, dont know when. Hope to get it done

Support / Found an Error?

  • Later


  • What do i need to have this fancy Stuff for my Server
    You need an Webspace and the permission to created an new Table in your Altis Life Database. And use your Brain please ;)
  • What will it cost to get this
    NOTHING, i dont like the people, with only develop tools, based on an free Mod for a great game, to make good money with it. I use a donation Button in the Footer to give people the possibility to send me some money to support the development.
  • Can i get some free webspace from you?
  • Can i change some code or create my own tool based on yours?
    No, its my work and pleace respect it
  • License?
    Copyright © 2014 Altis Life Control by Pictureclass – All Rights Reserved.
    Only for Private Use. No Commercial Use. Advanced Permissions beyond this license may be available at [email protected]
  • Support?
    Steam or Skype, Nickname: Pictureclass

Mit Altis Life Control kannst du alle Daten, welche über deine Spieler in der Datenbank anfallen einfach verwalten.


  • Admin Interface
  • Verwalte mehrere Accounts, welche auf das Webpanel zugreifen dürfen mit unterschiedlichen Rechten
  • Listen mit allen Spielern, Fahrzeugen, Häusern, Gangs. Einfach zu sortieren und inkl. Suche
  • Detaillierte Darstellung eines jeden Spielers, und die Möglichkeit Änderungen vorzunehmen
  • konfigurierbare Statistik Seite
  • Unterstützung für Addons und/oder Submods


Es wird eine neue Version geben, aktuell gibt es aber noch kein Datum dafür.

Support / Found an Error?

  • If you already got an GitHub Account, please use the Github Issue Tracker
  • If you doesnt have an GitHub Account, first look at the Github Issue Tracker if your Error is already reported. If not, please report the Error in this Topic
  • Please add the Name of the File to the Error Report, and describe the Error


  • Was brauch ich dafür?
    Du benötigst einen Webserver/Webspace mit Unterstützung für PHP. Dort wo deine aktuelle Altis Life Datenbank gespeichert ist, müssen weitere Tabellen hinzugefügt werden können.
  • Was kostet das ganze?
    Aktuell gar nichts. Es wird eine kostenlose Version geben, und eine Supporter Edition. Die Supporter Edition enthält mehr zusätzliche Featuers
  • Kannst du mir das alles Einrichten?
  • Darf ich Änderungen vornehmen, oder dein Tool als Basis für mein eigenes nutzen?
    Nein, ich habe viel Arbeit und Zeit reingesteckt. Also respektiere dies bitte.
  • License?
    Copyright © 2014 Altis Life Control by Pictureclass. All Rights Reserved.
    Only for Private Use. No Commercial Use. Advanced Permissions beyond this license may be available at [email protected]
  • Hilfe?
    Steam oder Skype – Benutzername Pictureclass


Public Release of Altis Life Control 2

First Release of the new Webpanel for Altis Life


Release of Altis Life Controls

In the past, there was no progress on the development of the new panel. This has several reasons: Whole Life Community Stealing Process All the steeling of the work and the unrespect against Developers or Creators. Result: Ruin Motivation Special Thanks to: Huskies xD, cammygames and many many more Family and other Projects. I will release […]


SITREP on Altis Life Control

Once there was a Time when I was done with Altis Life Control (ALC), I only want to commit the Changes to the Git Repro and what then happend was realy, realy frustrating. Git deleted anything of my Changes and I got no Backup of it. I tryed to recover everything, but this doesnt work […]


ALC 2.0 – Development News #1